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Save your trees!!!

August 7, 2012 by 314media in Uncategorized

As we are all well aware of, Saint Louis and most of the Midwest is in the midst of a severe drought. Now those who make their living farming clearly have the most to lose, we as homeowners also have assets in jeopardy. The trees on our property. Simply running our irrigation systems may help save the lawn and shrubs, but trees need a little extra TLC in these dry conditions.

What we recommend is a slow and steady supply of water from your hose for each and every tree on your property. Your best bet is to string your hose out to your most mature trees, and place it just outside the ‘drip line’, or the ground outside the circumference of the crown of your tree. Only turn the hose on enough for a trickle, but leave the hose on for hours at a time, moving the hose to a different spot around that tree every few hours. Now for trees that may have been planted in the last 5 years or so and are not so large, placing the hose in one spot within the mulch ring and running it for an hour or so will be just fine. Doing this once a week for each tree until we start to come out of this drought will help your trees exponentially in the upcoming years. Although some trees look like they are doing fine, they are struggling, and it will be evident next season. Expect to see the effects of this drought really start to show in the trees as they come out of dormancy in the spring of 2013. Now get out there and water!!


The Sundown Team

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