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Saint Louis Snow Removal

Anyone who has lived in Saint Louis understands the unpredictability of our winters. One day it can be 60 degrees and the next we have a foot of snow in the ground. We don’t let the snow slow our business down, and neither should you!

By setting up a commercial snow removal contract with the Sundown team, we can guarantee your business stays open and safe for your employees and patrons during and after any winter event. Your local Saint Louis snow removal professionals are ready to help keep your business safe.

 Our crews always pre-treat with the proper melting agent, and begin snow plowing once accumulations reach 2″. Our main goal when doing commercial snow removal is to keep your your parking lot and walkways as negotiable as possible for anyone on your property.

Once you are signed up and on our snow removal route, there is no need for phone calls and worrying when its going to get done. We know when your business is open and closed and customize our route to ensure you are always open for business. Call today for a free cost quote!! 314-821-4857

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