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Saint Louis…….here comes old Mr. Winter!!!

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2012-2013 Snow / Ice Removal pricing

Residential : We have a $50 dollar minimum for clearing any driveway, most driveways will cost between $50-$100 to clear. Melting agent is extra, we recommend a product called Enviro-Heat. Enviro-Heat is an environmentally safe product (will not harm your pets, lawn or plant material) and does not have the corrosive effect on your pavement the way that rock salt does. A typical driveway will require one 50lb bag of Enviro-Heat which we charge $35 for. For any one that requests rock salt (recommended for asphalt drives only) we charge $20 per application. 

     In the event of an ice / freezing rain accumulation, we offer the same melting agents at $50.00 per application. $20 per additional bag of Enviro-Heat and $10 per bag of rock salt. We offer this service as a preventative application or after the ice event has already occurred based on customer request.

Commercial : All commercial properties are bid based on square footage.

Please contact Dave / Jeff Haring 314-821-4857 for your commercial / residential snow removal needs. Or send your request through our website 


Happy Holidays!!


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