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Rain Gardens and the Rainscape Rebate Program

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Green & Sustainable runoff retention 


Many local municipalities have teamed up with the Missouri Botanical garden and the Deer Creek watershed alliance to offer property owners incentives for alternative runoff solutions. 75% of the funds have been allocated for homeowners and the other 25% for schools, churches, businesses & parks. The Max rebate is 75% of documented expenses up to $2,000.

The purpose here is to improve water quality in deer creek and its tributaries by capturing water where it falls instead of allowing run-off. There are many different options other than doing a full fledged Rain Garden. While supplies last you can apply for free rain barrels to capture water from your downspouts and use to water your garden. Incentives are also being offered for replacing grass with trees, shrubs and low maintenance ground-covers.

Applications for the $2,000 in incentives are being accepted in three different rounds. The application deadline for the first round is March 1st. A full list of when the next two rounds begin and end is up on the Deer Creek Alliance website. Sundown Landscape has attended all required workshops and completed all the necessary paper work to be a certified participating contractor. We would love to work with you, your township and the Deer Creek Alliance in making your property green & sustainable.