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Fertilizer Application & Annual Fertilization Service Program


To maintain its long-term health and attractive appearance, your grass requires routine fertilization. Count on Sundown when you need lawn fertilizing in St. Louis County, Missouri. We’re the trustworthy local company you can rely on for methodical and effective lawn care. Our certified applicators know when to use which type of fertilizer so that your grass is as strong, green, and healthy as possible. Call us today for a free estimate on our lawn fertilizing services.

Why should you choose our company for your lawn services? We know we’re not the only available service. What sets us apart, though, is simple: we’re locals, too. Sundown has been in business for over 42 years, we treat each of our customers’ yards as if it were our own. That means you can count on excellent & professional service every time. We’ll personalize our service to suit your particular lawn. With the help of our lawn fertilizing company, you’ll have healthier grass for boosted home curb appeal.

Our Fertilization Program Overview:

We offer a 7-step program to maintain & improve the look and health of your turf…

Application #1: A granular application the includes fertilizer and most importantly a pre-emergent to keep crabgrass from germinating in your turf. This goes down in March, usually close to St. Patrick’s Day.

Application #2: This is a liquid application sprayed on the lawn. It includes fertilizer to feed the lawn, broadleaf herbicide to kill any weeds starting to pop up & another batch of crabgrass pre-emergent. We also include a fungicide to prevent ‘brown patch’, one of the more common diseases to attack tall fescue in our region. This application typically goes down 6 weeks after application #1.

Application #3: This is also a liquid application. It includes fertilizer to feed the lawn, an insecticide to prevent mainly grubworms from feasting in your lawn’s roots. We also include an organic bio-stimulant deriived from seaweed extract to strengthen the root system of your turf. Lastly there is another fungicide application included to keep your lawn disease free throughout the summer. This application goes down in June.

Application #4: A granular application applied in early Fall. It is the best time of year to feed a tall fescue lawn so this supplication is high on the importance list. It provides nutrients that will help set up your turf for its preferred growing season, the fall months with warm days and cool nights.

Nut-sedge Spray: This is a liquid application used in conjunction with application #4. If your lawn is struggling with nut-sedge we use a product that not only kills the existing sedge, but helps suppress the sedge that exists in the soil.

Aeration / Over-Seeding: We use professional aerating machines to plug thousands of holes in your turf, after marking your irrigation heads & obstacles of course. This relieves soil compression & allows the planting of new seed, fixing trouble spots and increasing the density of your turf. Which ultimately slows the growth of weeds in the future. This is good practice and one of the best things you can do to ensure the health of your lawn.

Application #5: This is the last application of the year, it is a high nitrogen granular application commonly referred to as ‘winterizer’. This packs ‘food’ into your lawns soil, so that come spring of next year it has something to help it come out of dormancy green and strong.

This program is a tried and true formula put together by our team, which includes certified ergonomist’s & former golf course superintendents. For lawns really struggling, we offer soil tests to pin down the source of the problem & custom programs to bring your lawn back to life. Complete the form on this page for a free estimate for your lawn.



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