Sundown Landscape Contracting
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How do we get started?

Call our office to set up a one-hour consultation where we will meet with you, walk through your property, listen to your specific concerns, and ask you questions to get a good feel for your specific landscape needs.

Do you charge for your design work?

Yes. We charge $75.00 per hour for the time we spend with you and for the time we spend putting your design on paper. If you choose to have Sundown do your installation, you will be credited back 50% of the design charge. If it is just a simple job that does not require extensive planning and designing, we do offer free estimates.

I’d like to plan my whole yard but can’t afford to install it all at once time.

Often, customers will approach their installation in phases. We can bid all or any section of your job.

Do you do small jobs?

Yes. We do all sizes of yards, or portions of yards.

Where can I see samples of your work?

We have lists of homes in different areas that we can share with you.

Do you do maintenance?

Yes, we have a maintenance crew that simply keeps beautiful properties looking the way they should.

Do you offer lawn care services

Yes, we lay sod and renovate troubled lawns. We also offer mowing & fertilizing programs and will visit your home or business on a set schedule to keep your lawn looking great throughout the season.