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Maintaining & improving your Landscape this Fall



Maintaining & improving your Landscape this Fall

  • Get out your sprinklers everyone!! I know this summer seemed like a serious relief from the desert like conditions St. Louis experienced last year. But don’t be fooled, we haven’t had a significant rain in our area for some time now. If you walk your lawn and planting beds and notice any dry cracking in the soil & mulch, your soil is too dry! I understand that water bills can creep to uncomfortable levels during these summer months, but 20min. of watering in the morning or late evening will go a long way!! Keeping your lawn and beds watered now will produce dividends in growth and overall appearance once our temps start to cool down.
  • How is your plant material looking Saint Louis? Did our ever unpredictable climate cause a few casualties in your garden this summer? No need to worry, we are coming up on one of the best times of the year to install new plant material. With cooler temps on their way, these fall months provide a perfect window for replacing & revamping your plant material and garden. Now is also a great time to plant any hardy annuals for fall color, such as pansy or snapdragon. Here is a really great link detailing what annuals do best in our climate
  • If you are happy with the way your Lawn & Landscape is looking, but just want keep things looking green and healthy going into this winter. There are several things that can be done to maintain your Landscape. First and foremost is fertilizing your planting beds this fall with a general 14-14-14 landscape fertilizer, we put this down for all of our repeat maintenance customers each and every fall. Secondly is aerating and over-seeding your lawn in the next 4-6 weeks, and applying a winterizing fertilizer around the 1st of November. Establishing fresh turf, and packing your lawns soil with nutrients before it goes dormant this winter will ensure a green healthy lawn come next spring.
  • Do you have any Knock-Out roses in your garden? If so, are you noticing dense, small bunched red leaves with heavy amounts of thorns on your roses? If so you unfortunately have a common disease that is affecting the Knock-Out Rose in the Midwest called ‘Rosette’. If you determine your rose is stricken with Rosette, it needs to be removed and destroyed. As of now there is now known cure for this disease, also remember to clean any tools used to remove the affected plant with alcohol! This disease is spread by insects, mites, and shovels or pruners that were in contact with a diseased plant. Do not plant another rose in that space either, you need to pick another plant to fill that area.
  • Across the nation & Midwest, one of the most widely planted annuals is impatiens. A common problem affecting impatiens is the downy mildew, a fungus like pathogen that begins with subtle leaf yellowing. Eventually you will see the flowers & leaves drop, followed by a collapse of the stems. This fungus affects the standard bedding impatiens, Impatiens walleriana, as well as double flowered impatiens, mini-impatiens and Fusion and butterfly impatiens. Now the New Guinea impatiens are fortunately not affected by the downy mildew, planting these instead of other varieties is a sure fire way to avoid losing your impatiens. However, if you do plant a variety of impatiens that is susceptible to the downy mildew there are several environmental conditions that should be avoided. Planting too close together in heavily shaded areas with overhead irrigation will help contribute to the mildew, as well as watering at night. Avoiding these conditions will help to keep your impatiens investment safe from infection. If you remove a stand of impatiens with downy mildew, you need to wait at least 3 years to replant any impatiens again.


Thanks for reading!! As always we are trying to inform the average gardener with above average information! Work smarter, not harder! If you find yourself overwhelmed and unable to tend to your outdoor living space, visit your Landscaping professionals at and lets set up a plan to get the most out of your lawn & landscape.


Thanks again,

The Sundown Landscape team