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Fall has arrived

September 26, 2012 by 314media in Uncategorized



Well fall is officially upon us, and Mother Nature is ready to put on its best and most colorful show. We at Sundown Landscape have a few tips and pointers to help your property look the best during this autumn season.

Casualties from the Drought

                As we noted in our last newsletter, the trees in our region took a real hit with this drought. Many of your trees were almost certainly affected; the key now is to determine if the tree is actually dead. Many times people see a severely damaged tree and just assume that it is dead, but sometimes that tree will bounce back in the following spring. If you are not sure if your tree is completely dead or not, start by checking the smaller branches. If a majority of the branches snap crisply then your tree is almost certainly dead. But if you only have a few break and the majority of the branches are still pliable, then you tree may have a chance to revive itself in the spring.

If you have any tree or shrub casualties and are looking at having them replaced, this time of the year is ideal. When replacing trees we try to shoot for getting them in the ground in November / December. When replacing your evergreens from now until the ground freezes up is the perfect time to get new plant material in the ground. The ground is cool and moist, giving new trees and shrubbery a stimulating environment for their root systems to establish.


Another important aspect of maintaining your landscape this fall is fertilizing. By applying a slow release fertilizer (12-12-12 / 14-14-14) to your shrubs and trees now, you allow the nutrients to slowly feed your plant material as they begin to prepare themselves for the winter. By providing the proper nutrition at the right time for your plants, you give them what they need to survive the winter and come back even better in the spring.


 Now we all know about those nasty little critters that do an unbelievable amount of damage to our lawns. Although the extreme heat may have slowed the mole populations down a bit this summer, we think that moles are going to be back with vengeance this fall. The cooler weather, moist ground and abundance of grubs in the soil will almost certainly lead to a lot of mole activity this fall. Now we at Sundown do not provide a mole trapping service, but we have an employee that some of you know and have used before that has a mole removal service. His name is Greg Miles and through his experience working on golf courses has mastered the art of ridding your yard of moles. So if you need moles removed and kept out of your yard, please contact Greg Miles at

Snow Removal

                Although it may seem a little early, the Sundown team is poised and ready to take on what can always be a volatile Saint Louis winter. Our residential and commercial crews will be ready to go this winter should we get any inclement weather. So if you or anyone you know is in need of an entire parking lot, or just a driveway plowed and treated this coming winter we offer free estimates.

Thanks so much for reading, and please let us know if we can be of service this fall for any of your landscape needs.

-Dave Haring