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Concrete Paver Maintenance


Does your hardscape look like this? Breath new life into your investment with a few simple steps!

By using  techniseal polymeric sand in between your brick or concrete paver installations you will eliminate all the problems that come with using traditional play sand.

Polymeric Sand Benefits

  • Remains Stable 
  • Resists erosion
  • Hard as concrete when dry
  • Flexible when Moist
  • Helps keep the surface clean, keeping sand from getting into your house or pool.
  • Water perks through it, sand remains flexible, riding w/ the pavers as they move.

We always install poly sand with all of our paver and natural stone projects. But if you have a previously installed hardscape project that needs a facelift, we have three techniseal certified applicators on staff to help bring your project back to life.

techniseal sweeping sand

Installing polymeric sand is a fairly simple process, power-washing the existing material out of the joints with a rotary nozzle is the first step. Then by  using the techniseal certified process of applying the poly sand, you will have added value and longevity to your hardscape. Refer to these instructional videos for a more thorough explanation of the benefits polymeric sand brings to your hardscape. Using certified applicators is the only way to guarantee your project is done correctly, see Sundown’s certification here.


Cleaning and Sealing your Paver Installation

Installing poly sand is just the first step in bringing your pavers back to life. Cleaning and sealing your paver project protects from future stains and leaves your patio / driveway with that brand new look.  Using the proper chemicals and tools to clean and seal your pavers is crucial.

Benefits to cleaning & SealingSealer_Before_and_After_2

  • Restores pavers to how they are supposed to look
  • Repels & makes future stains easier to remove
  • Only needed every 2-3 years after initial application
  • Makes yearly cleaning quicker & easier
  • Brings out Natural color
  • Looks Great!